New Heart, New Start

A sweet,  precious 12 year old from our church, Melia, is waiting for a heart transplant.  Melia and her mom are living in the hospital as part of the process of receiving  a heart transplant.  Melia’s mom shared that “one thing we have enjoyed seeing while being in the hospital is all the cool t-shirts that families and nurses wear in support of the awesome kids here at the hospital.  We were encouraged to make our own shirt.  Melia, the future fashion designer, took the challenge and designed a shirt!”

Melia loves cats, fashion design, sewing, and crafts.   She is very talented and has designed a beautiful t-shirt.  Please consider supporting Melia, and spreading transplant awareness by purchasing a t-shirt.   You can order one (or lots more, if you like!), through Saturday, September 22nd.   The orders received so far have been a great encouragement to Melia!

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